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Tuesday, October 1st, 2013
4:33 pm
Hogan's Heroes Story links
Listed in the order they would have happened in chronologically.

The Beginning Foundations
- Corporal Louis LeBeau is fairly new to Stalag 13 and the surly British corporal in his barracks isn't making life any pleasanter. The start of the LeBeau/Newkirk bond. Kinch appears as well.

Fetherston versus Newkirk
- RAF officer Fetherston is continuing and escalating his campaign against Corporal Newkirk. Events take place after 'The Beginning Foundations'.

The New Guy - Work on the tunnel system goes on as Hogan and his crew try to get things ready to meet with the Underground for the first time. Will the new addition to the barracks fit in? Events begin between Chapters 11 and 12 of 'Fetherston versus Newkirk'.

When You're a Long, Long Way From Home - For the Heroes, the approach of the holiday season isn't really very merry. At least not until they get an unexpected bit of holiday cheer.

Should Auld Acquaintance - Sergeant Kinchloe was the first of the Heroes to leave Stalag 13 for good. Why did he leave and what happened to him after that?
Tuesday, September 10th, 2013
1:04 am
Emergency (TV Series) - Story Links
Emergency - Alphabet Tales

FF = FanFiction Link / Ao3 = Archive of our Own Link

A is For Arson (FF) / A is for Arson (Ao3) - A series of deliberately set trash fires in their area has the men of Station 51 scrambling to keep up, but what happens when the firebug isn't satisfied with just burning trash any more? Words : Over 12K / Character(s) : Roy - Johnny - Full 51 crew

A is also for Alone (FF) / A is also for Alone (Ao3) - The strength of the firefighters lies in their teamwork. When bad luck dominoes and leads to one of the crew being left to face danger all alone, the others must try to find him before it's too late. Words : over 18K / Character(s) : Chet - Full 51 crew

B is for Bald (FF) / B is for Bald (Ao3) - A woman's hair is said to be her crowning glory, but what about Johnny's hair?. Words : Over 1.3K / Character(s) : Johnny - Chet - Roy - Marco - Mike - Dixie - Brackett

C is for Captain (FF) / C is for Captain (Ao3) - The only thing constant is change, but sometimes one captain can help smooth the transition to another. Words : Over 1.3K / Character(s) : Captain Stanley - Captain Hammer

D is for Daughter (FF) / D is for Daughter (Ao3) - Years have passed since Roy and Johnny made Captain, but that doesn't mean that the old crew of Station 51 don't still come together to support one another. Words : 546 / Character(s) : Full 51 Crew

E is also for Early (FF) / E is also for Early (Ao3) - Unlike other medical staff we could mention, Dr. Early never seems to get angry. Just a mellow guy or has he got a secret? Words : 478 / Character(s) : Roy - Johnny - Early - Dixie

F is for Flashpoint (FF) / F is for Flashpoint (Ao3) - It should have been a simple callout to deal with a simple fire at a storage facility, but with a volatile chemical stored irresponsibly? Nothing is simple. Words : Over 4K / Character(s) : Full 51 crew

G is for Gorge (FF) / G is for Gorge (Ao3) - A rare hurricane is heading for the Southern California coast and is one part of the equation that puts the 51 crew in peril. words : Over 2.5K / Character(s) : Full 51 crew

H is for Henry (FF) / H is for Henry (Ao3) - Sure, maybe a basset hound isn't everyone's idea of what a firehouse dog should look like, but don't tell that to the crew of Station 51. Words : 639 / Character(s) : Chet - Full 51 crew

I is for IV (FF) / I is for IV (Ao3) - Sometimes the trickiest part of treating a patient is getting them to let you do your job. Words : 589 / Character(s) : Roy - Johnny - Dixie

J is for Jinx (FF) / J is for Jinx (Ao3) - Johnny is having a bad day to end all bad days. Can Chet help him change his luck? Words : Over 1.5K / Character(s) : Johnny - Chet - Roy

K is for Kidney (FF) / K is for Kidney (Ao3) - More than incidents at a fire can take a fireman down. Words : Over 1K / Character(s) : Mike - Captain Stanley - Johnny - Roy - Dr. Early

L is for Lightning (FF) / L is for Lightning (Ao3) - Fighting a brush fire is the order of the day for Station 51. Words : 993 / Character(s) : Marco - Dr. Brackett - Full 51 Crew

O is for Outdoors (FF) / O is for Outdoors (Ao3) - It was just supposed to be a two-day trip. A little fishing and maybe a little bit of each trying to figure the other man out. But simple plans don't always stay that way. Words : Over 21.4K / Characters(s) : Johnny - Chet - Full 51 crew - Dixie - Morton

R is for Retribution (FF) / R is for Retribution (Ao3) - The daily job of a firefighter has many risks, but off-duty time proves even more hazardous as a man returns with a grudge against certain members of A-shift. Sequel of sorts to 'Divided We Fall'. Words : Over 9.8K / Character(s) : Chet - Roy - Johnny - Full 51 crew

S is also for Sink (FF) / S is also for Sink (Ao3) - A backyard pool and a gas grill. Two ingredients for a nice summer afternoon that turn into hazards for the crew of Station 51. Words : Over 1.3K / Character(s) : Marco - Chet - Full 51 crew

Y is for Yell (FF) / Y is for Yell (Ao3) - Sometimes a situation leaves no option other than to yell for help and hope someone is close enough to hear and respond. Words : Over 2K / Character(s) : Mike - Chet - Full 51 crew

Other Emergency Tales

Circle of Friends (FF) / Circle of Friends (Ao3) - A-Team/Emergency crossover - Johnny Gage is Roy DeSoto's best friend. But Roy had a life - and another best friend - before he met Johnny. Now his past/present are on a collision course and more than just friendship is at stake. Words : Over 18.9K / Character(s) : Roy - Murdock - Johnny - Full 51 Crew - A-Team

Divided We Fall (FF) / Divided We Fall (Ao3) - Captain Stanley is off on extended leave and a replacement Captain comes in with his own ideas of the type team he wants for Station 51's A Shift. Will there be any pieces left to pick up when Hank returns? Words : Over 14.9K / Character(s) : Chet - Johnny - Roy - Full 51 crew

Nothing For Christmas (FF) / Nothing for Christmas (Ao3) - Some times Christmas plans just don't work out. But when Joanne gets angry because Roy has to work on the holiday, will more than their relationship be threatened? Words : Over 27K / Character(s) : Roy - Joanne - Johnny - Full 51 crew - Dixie - Brackett - Early

Monday, September 9th, 2013
3:00 pm
A-Team (TV Series) - Story Links
The links below are listed in the chronological order that they go in. The others revolve around specific holidays or have no specific date and are listed underneath the chronological list.

1972 - One Thing Leads to Another - Crossover of A-Team and Man from U.N.C.L.E. - A-Team formation

1974 - Circle of Friends - Crossover of A-Team and Emergency - Past history: Roy Desoto and H.M. Murdock

1978 - I Fall to Pieces - An old foe comes back with his own plan to take out the A-Team

May, 1986 - Mother's Day - Murdock steps in to protect B.A. and his mother - References to 'Lease With an Option to Die'

May, 1986 - Vigil - Chicago - Mother Baracus keeps watch as the team rests.

July, 1986 - See No Evil, Hear No Evil - Hannibal and Face are in custody while B.A. and Murdock are MIA, presumed dead.

October, 1986 - Back into the Darkness - Decker captures Murdock and volunteers him for a cruel research project.

November, 1986 - Someone to Watch Over - B.A. checks in with his mother by phone.

November, 1986 - Vigil II - The team goes back to Chicago to recuperate.

May, 1987 - Magic and Mayhem - Murdock, two kids and a group of determined kidnappers at Disney World.

May, 1987 - Rainbow - Short interlude with Murdock and a lady friend.

May, 1987 - A Song Played on a Solo Saxophone - The foe from 'Magic and Mayhem' tries to get his revenge.

May, 1987 - Careless Whispers - Crossover of A-Team and Man from U.N.C.L.E. - random comments add up in Murdock's mind to mean he's a jinx.

December, 2001 - It's the End of the World as We Know It - Hannibal accepts what may be one mission too many.

December, 2012 - Mayans and Hagovers - The end of time or a hangover that makes you wish it was?

A-Team Drabbles

A Year with Murdock - A collection of 365 drabbles - one 100 word drabble for each day of 2013. They feature Murdock, the rest of the A-Team and assorted others. Topics and ratings will vary - the only thing consistent about them is that they all either feature or are about Murdock.

A-Team Holiday Tales

Here There Be Dragons - Murdock tries to talk the team into celebrating Chinese New Year.

No Fool Like an April Fool - Murdock has an April Fool prank that nobody sees coming.

Howling at the Moon - Halloween with Murdock making B.A. crazier than usual.
2:12 am
Man From U.N.C.L.E. - Story Links
Alexander/Millicent Waverly Stories
Stories that are centered around Mister Waverly, his wife (Millicent is an OC) or both together. Listed in rough chronological order.

1 - The 'Avignon' Affair - The year is 1912. In London, twenty year old Alexander Waverly thinks he's beginning his job as a clerk for the Foreign Office, but a special assignment is about to change the course of his life & his world forever

2 - The 'Correspondence' Affair - WIP - Covering the years from 1912 to 1918, letters to/from Alexander Waverly and Millicent Kildare - to one another as well as to others.

3 - The Last Divide - February 1, 1918 - the wedding day of Alexander Waverly and Millicent Kildare. Millicent has a final encounter with a man who went from being her protector to her tormentor.

4 - Twas the Night Before Christmas - All is not well in the Waverly household this Christmas season.

5 - Inquietum Mortuus - Alexander Waverly awakens to the world in 1977 and must deal with the unpleasant changes that have occurred while he was in a coma.

Sound/Dialogue Series
No narrator in any of these. The stories are told purely with dialogue and sound effects. Listed in the order that they were written in.

1 - The 'Heaven and Hell' Affair - The only thing worse than a partner with insomnia is a partner with insomnia that insists on sharing.

2 - The 'Not Again' Affair - Napoleon has another restless night.

3 - The 'Cold' Affair - Baby, it's cold outside and the boys are stuck in it with no relief in sight.

4 - The 'Mistaken Identity' Affair - Going back to when the Solo/Kuryakin team was only a few months in the making. T.H.R.U.S.H. tries to turn Illya against Napoleon and U.N.C.L.E. - will the partnership survive the trial by fire?

5 - The 'Hospital' Affair - Another hospital stay, but this time T.H.R.U.S.H. aims to make it their last.

6 - The 'Wedding Bells Blues' Affair - Will Napoleon ever allow Illya to get a good night's sleep? Not tonight, he won't.

7 - The 'Slippery Slope' Affair - T.H.R.U.S.H. is using Illya to test out a new chemical compound.

8 - The 'Fever' Affair - Yet another sleepless night. This time it isn't Napoleon's fault. Well, not entirely.

9 - The 'Cute' Affair - Napoleon thinks it's amusing when women think Illya is cute. Does he feel the same way when the label is attached to him?

10 - The 'Waterloo' Affair - Think the conflict between Wellington and Napoleon ended at Waterloo?

11 - The 'Just Desserts' Affair - T.H.R.U.S.H. has never been able to divide the Solo/Kuryakin team, but could Napoleon's competitive nature do the job for them?

12 - The 'Dungeon' Affair - Another day, another questioning session with a T.H.R.U.S.H. agent.

13 - The 'Adrift' Affair - A day on the water is supposed to be soothing, but it depends on how you ended up there in the first place.

14 - The 'Bibliophile' Affair - Another night in another hotel. Illya's trying to catch up on his reading, but Napoleon has other ideas.

15 - The 'Solstice' Affair - The longest night of the year or does it just feel that way when you're sleep deprived?

16 - The 'HQ' Affair - The boys return from another mission.

17 - The 'Fluency' Affair - On a mission, Illya and Napoleon get briefly side-tracked as they talk about talking.

18 - The 'Watery Grave' Affair - Left to die in a cave that's filling with water as the tide come in - more than spirits are damp for the teams of Solo/Kuryakin and Dancer/Slate.

19 - April's Fool - Chatter around U.N.C.L.E. HQ has Mark requesting to leave field work.

20 - The 'Paris' Affair - What happens in Vegas might stay in Vegas, but will Mark and Napoleon ever live down what happened in Paris?

21 - The 'What If' Affair - It's the middle of the night and Napoleon is at it again, keeping Illya awake while wondering about how life might have been different.

22 - The 'Unicorn' Affair - When Napoleon's mind wanders at night, it can really wander. Another round of chatting mixed with another sleepless night for the Russian.

23 - The 'Code Red' Affair - A plane has gone down with Illya Kuryakin and Mark Slate among the passengers. Are they the victims of an airline tragedy or is some other plot afoot? Multi-chapter (9).

24 - The 'Go Go Gone' Affair - April and Napoleon outside of a Go Go club.

25 - The 'Valentine' Affair - Stuck in a cabin with Illya during a blizzard on Valentine's Day. Not how Napoleon envisioned his night.

26 - Tuesday Night at the Movies - Four agents, a movie theatre and a concession stand.

27 - Lucky 7 - Napoleon finally comes across with one of the many lunches he owes Illya.

28 - A Day at the Museum - Napoleon takes Illya to the National Museum of American History.

29 - Things That Remind Me of You - The year is 1995 and the place is Saint Petersburg. No mission - just two old friends.

30 - Reflections - Mirrors and calendars are both unforgiving critics.
Sunday, September 8th, 2013
6:13 pm
Star Trek : The Original Series - story links
Title : Mudd in Your Eye

Length : 40 Chapters - 62K+ Words

Main Canon Character(s) : Leonard McCoy - Khan Noonien Singh - Harry Mudd

Summary : AU - What if the Enterprise had never come across the S.S. Botany Bay? What if instead the sleeper ship was discovered two years later by Harry Mudd? This story is not a comedy.

Link : http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8871593/1/Mudd-in-Your-Eye

Title : The Vestorian Quandry

Length : 36 Chapters - 42K+ Words

Main Canon Character(s) : Leonard McCoy - Spock - James Kirk

Summary : It seems that all of McCoy's worst expectations have come true when the doctor is lost in a transporter accident. But was it really an accident or is something else going on?

Link : http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8037261/1/The-Vestorian-Quandary

12:53 pm
Breaking in the page
I've posted all over LJ, but not here on my own page - weird.  I'm mainly going to use this page for now as kind of a link central to my stories.
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